From Meditation Garden to Sukhavati Garden

24 Jul 2022

Dear Friends,

We haven’t shared anything on this site for some time. Nevertheless, Dhagpo’s other channels of communication have brought you the notable information. Here is a summary of the last few months as well as some fresh news…

A Summary of the Last Few Months

On October 16, 2021, Jigme Rinpoche along with community members from Dhagpo Kagyu Ling and Dhagpo Kundrel Ling carried out the first consecration that consists in establishing the wisdom dimension within the stupas, which then become true sources of blessing. Jigme Rinpoche wishes for the official inauguration of the garden as a whole to be carried out by His Holiness Karmapa during his next visit to Dhagpo with all those who contributed in some way to its creation. We will keep you informed about this—you can sign up for Dhagpo’s newsletter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

At the end of the day, Jigme Rinpoche shared these words:

With Shamar Rinpoche’s presence, the eight stupas, and the prayer wheel,
this is now a harmonious place suitable for meditation practice.
We have to give a name to this garden that resembles Dewachen…
We can call it Sukhavati Garden.

We hope this reference to the pure realm of Amitabha will be a powerful reminder of our meditation practice, especially that of Chenrezig, as well as a positive sign of the impending liberation of all sentient beings.

Some Fresh News

The estimated cost for the project is €695,000. We are happy and moved to announce that as of today we have collected the total amount. Sukhavati Garden has been fully financed by donations from over one thousand people. There is more joyous news to accompany this: Lama Jigme Rinpoche and Gendun Rinchen wish to include two more stupas in the garden. These two stupas will be installed around Lama Purtsela’s house. The first will welcome Gendun Rinpoche’s relics, while the other will be home to Lama Purtsela’s ashes.

Both stupas are currently being fabricated in Nepal. They are made of stone according to the traditional Nepalese carving method. They will be delivered to Dhagpo some time in the summer. We estimate the cost of this extension of the project to be €31,000 (fabrication of the stupas, transports, earthworks, etc. included).

Fabrication of the Stupas in Nepal
Fabrication of the Stupas in Nepal

Furthermore, the final work on the rainwater catchment pool to the left of the Institute has been underway for several weeks. In the center there will be a pavilion built by the same artisans who created those for the eight stupas with a statue inside. The perimeter of the pool will be beautified will flowers and other developments that harmonize the site with Sukhavati Garden. We will share more details about this very soon.

We have chosen not to close the financing for Sukhavati Garden. Indeed, this outdoor practice area offers new spaces and further developments are on the horizon.
Therefore, it is possible to continue your contribution to the project if you wish to.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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