Mantra rolls for the eight stupas and the arrival of Lama Jampa

This summer, two of Dhagpo’s dormitories—left unoccupied due to current public health measures—have found a new use: they are hosting mantra rolling workshops!

Those close to the center, many course participants, members of city Dhagpos (KTTs) and students of Dhagpo’s internal curriculum are taking part in the various stages of creation. Indeed, there are close to 14,000 rolls to prepare in order to fill the eight stupas that will soon be installed, bringing the development of the meditation garden to a close.

We are thrilled to have recently welcomed Lama Jampa, who arrived on August 8. He will accompany us to supervise the final phases of this project: making the final mantra rolls, carrying out the rituals, filling the stupas, etc. To be continued!

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