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The Project

The cost of the project is being estimated (it will include the stupa, the filling substances, and the surrounding landscaping).

The stupa will be located behind the Institute and will be constructed in granite.

The inauguration is planned for the end of 2016.

Taille du stoupa et détail des zones de remplissage

Stupa’s size together with filling chambers details

Interested in participating?

You can: :
Make a donation.
See the Paypal form or contact:
Give fine jewelry or precious stones to ornament the interior of the stupa.
Participate in the creation of substances and objects that will contribute to making the stupa an authentic support for practice.
For all questions concerning the filling of the stupa, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Other ways to donate:
• Recurrent donations by bank transfer
• One-time donation: by bank transfer or check

icône PDFAll infos can be found on this generosity coupon.

The Internet Paypal website is 100% secured and enables you to make online payment with confidence. You can renew this operation as many times as you wish.

Constructing a Stupa Means:

Buildinga support for practice that will transcend the ages and be used by thousands of individuals.

Connectingto the possibility of enlightenment through the presence of Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche.

Participer à diffuser la paix et l’harmonie en favorisant un regard intérieur et un état d’esprit altruiste.

Participatingin the diffusion of peace and harmony through emphasizing inner observation and an altruistic state of mind.

Plan de coupe avec fondation

Sectional drawing with foundation